CALLOUT 130/2017: In the early hours of this morning we were requested by South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru to assist officers in locating and recovering 2 males who had decided to take a “short cut” home across the hill side near Llwnypia.
They found themselves stuck in deep undergrowth and unable to make their way out, with only a phone for both lighting and communications it’s battery soon died.
Fortunately officers had determined enough information to give a rough idea of where they were.
With the assistance of police helicopter NPAS47, the two were located on the heat seeking camera and the aircrew were then able to guide MR personnel and a police officer towards their position, then good old fashioned shouts for help drew searchers in to them.
Once confirmed both were well and unharmed, albeit cold they were walked out to the roadside where officers returned them home.