CALLOUT 120/2017 A call from South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru came to us this afternoon to help rescue a 20 week old border collie pup that had fallen into a crevasse on top of the mountain between Maerdy and Treorchy. The geology of the South Wales Valleys mean that on the tops of the hills between the towns there are often very deep and unstable cracks in the ground. With the help from Sarloc Rescue app we were able to pin point Cola’s “Human” Steve.
Little Cola had fallen into one of these cracks, thankfully Steve had managed to stop himself sliding into the crevasse as well – this would have been a very different update if that had happened!
After setting up a rope system, a team member was carefully lowered down into the crack, trying to avoid to very loose rock. After a short while he was able to grab Cola. she was about 20 feet down in the hole. she was put (quite reluctantly) into a rope bag. Thankfully no worse for her adventure she was then reunited with her “human” Steve.

Animal rescues are always considered some the most challenging thing we face in our rescues. Animals fundamentally do not want to be rescued! Thankfully Cola was more interested in licking our team member than biting him!