Callout No 126: Quickly following on from No 125, yesterday evening we were passed details of a call from our neighbours Longtown MRT for an incident in the Cwmcarn Forest Drive area, which is right on the Eastern boundary of our area.

From Gwent Police, the request was to provide assistance to a party of four who had become lost in the forestry, with reports that one of the party had sustained an injury.

By using the Sarloc system we were able to pinpoint their precise location and resources were dispatched.

Fortunately phone contact was also made with the party and it was then confirmed that no one was injured and they had managed to relocate themselves and were making their own way out to the roadside.

The majority of team members were then stood down, with just one of our 4×4 vehicles continuing to meet up with the party. Once it was established that everyone was safe and well the 4×4 crew returned to base.