Callout 137: On Thursday afternoon we were called by Heddlu Dyfed Powys Police to assist a gentleman who having prepared for the worst had a “little mishap” Having walked from Storey Arms up onto Fan Fawr he chose to head down to Ystradfelte reservoir . Walking in thick fog he decided to get the map and compass out to confirm his position. regrettably he hadn’t zipped his pack up fully and the map and compass has fallen out along with a brand new jacket!
Its at this point he did the right thing – he called for help! Admittedly his ego took a bashing at this point, but the bottom line is he was lost and was only going to get more lost! So biting the bullet and asking for help was the very best thing he could do! Found, picked up and a drive back around to Storey Arms, he headed home to “explain where the jacket was”